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Firework Safety for Pets

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Firework Safety for Pets

The Fourth of July holiday is right around the corner, so we would like to take a moment to discuss how you can keep your pet happy, hydrated, and safe. Whether you are spending the day in the backyard grilling, or playing volleyball at the beach, our first priority is safety.

Staying Hydrated

Most families spend the day outdoors, so making sure your pet has a constant source of fresh water is a must. Adding ice cubes to the water bowl will help it stay cool, and may be fun for them to play with! Make sure your pet has somewhere shady to cool off between playing.

How Firework Noise Can Effect Your Pet

Fireworks are a big part of the holiday, and a lot of fun for the family. Once the fireworks start it’s recommended to keep your pet inside. Though bright and beautiful, these abrupt loud noises can cause your pet some anxiety and discomfort. When these noises occur, your pet may become frightened and feel the need to flee. 

Create a Safe Haven Space

Creating a safe haven area for your pet will help reduce anxiety and fear. Put together all your pets favorite things! Set up their bed, favorite blankets, toys, and maybe an item that smells like you! Yes, it may seem strange but your pets feel comforted by you. Having your scent is nostalgic for them and may help calm them. It can be a towel, a shirt, or any item of clothing you don’t mind your pet borrowing. 

You’ll want to think about where your pet is most comfortable inside your home. If that is their kennel, then you may already be used to leaving them with a toy, or bone to keep them busy when you’re out. If your pet is used to being out, you’ll want them in a confined space such as your bedroom. 

Avoid keeping your pet loose in the main areas of the home. Guests and children will likely be in and out of your home, and could accidentally let your pet outside. 

Outdoor Pets

Though keeping them indoors is highly recommended we understand that you may have strictly outdoor pets. If you are unable to house your pet indoors, you’ll want to make sure their microchip, and tags they wear are up to date, as well as follow these other precautions. Make sure your backyard fence is doggy proof. Check for holes, spaces, and easily climbable locations. Even smaller animals such as basset hounds can climb fences, so be aware of your pets. 

If your pet is on a line or tether, please ensure that they can not get tangled up. It could be a long night for your pet if they become trapped. 


Sometimes giving your pet their favorite toys or a bone to chew may not distract them enough. If you feel your pet needs medication to assist in combating their anxiety please reach out to My Family Vet, and ask your vet!

Clean Up Time

Pets are curious! They always have their noses up in the air or pressed to the ground exploring new and exciting scents. Cleaning up as you go is an easy way to make sure your pet doesn’t swallow anything they shouldn’t. Even seemingly harmless fireworks, like sparkler sticks, can be hazardous for your pet to ingest. 

If you’ve been to any family Christmas or birthday party there is always someone holding a giant black trash bag ready to go, stuffing the wrapping paper into it. Being prepared like this by having a designated outside garbage area will save you loads of time. Doing a double check and scanning over the yard once more in the daylight will ensure nothing was missed from the night before! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read over our tips for the coming holiday! We hope your family has a blessed Independence Day!