Montgomery veterinary care!

In the beginning, it was a simple vision. Dr. Clara Scott, owner, and veterinarian of My Family Vet, started this journey with a vision of a veterinary practice that encompassed excellent patient care with a compassionate and personable experience. She took a leap of faith and began to practice out of the front room in her own home. Through word of mouth, her skills and dedication to the animals brought increasingly larger numbers of clients to her front step. In time, Dr. Scott moved into a 600 square foot old farmhouse and hired her first team members. Finally, My Family Vet was a reality.

As she continued to grow, she was able to open her arms to local rescue groups in need, helping those pets get healthy and find their forever homes. It did not take long to realize that My Family Vet needed even more space to accommodate the ever-growing family of furry companions and their owners. In 2006, My Family Vet purchased a ranch house from Spring locals and established its “feels-like-home” atmosphere. Along the way, Dr. Scott received a multitude of spiritual confirmations, strengthening her resolve to share her knowledge and skills with those who needed her most.

As the years passed, the clinic has expanded with more doctors, more skilled technicians, and more friendly receptionists! In 2020, Dr. Scott opened a second location in Montgomery Texas. The team can now help more of our patients than ever before. We are constantly educating ourselves on new medications, techniques, and treatments to keep up with the ever-changing practices of veterinary medicine. From our humble beginnings of 50 clients to now almost 25,000 My Family Vet continues to heal animals through excellent veterinary medicine, client education, and compassionate care. But we couldn’t have done it without you.